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An IMD student, motivated, inquisitive and mostly to be found at The Creative Gym at Thomas More Mechelen. Design is known as a big community where everybody learns from each other. You learn how to think creative, conceptual and commercial. All from scratch.

BUT… not by sitting still!

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WTF 10 MILES yellow dot

What started as a group cooped up, digital nerds and creatives, changed this year. The entire IMD department decided to take part in something as time and energy consuming as what we already did, but a little more… sportive!

At 22 April we will all participate the Antwerp 10 Miles and change the cliché of being lazy geeks. Follow the pixels through our website and get ready with us for our new challenge.

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When pixels come together they form a picture. The Athletic Pixels are here to connect people in the “sitting work field” and encourage others to change their lifestyle as well. An Athletic pixel is frisky, full of energy, brave enough to participate and connects with the other pixels.

Do you dare to be square? Do you dare to become a part of the challenge with us? This year we will combine our <head> and <body> and start being nerdy and fit!

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1 Avoid overheating

Beginning runners tend to wear a lot of clothes under cold temperature condition. This makes running more uncomfortable, sweaty and costs you a lot of energy. Add at least 10°C to the actual temperature to know what to wear. Also chose a warm cap over a big winter jacket, since we lose the most warmth through our head.


2 Eat healthy

To achieve the best result, watch your diet while sporting. Enough carbs and fats will help you get enough energy while running. Consume a banana or an energy bar and hour or two before your workout.


3 Be motivated

Boring routes and treadmills will become a lot more interesting with music in your ears. Choose your favourite playlist to keep up with your workout and enjoy the ride!

4 Stay hydrated

While running, drink frequently, in small portions. To balance the moisture system you have to drink consistent, around 300-750ml spread per hour. Never drink more than 500 ml at once.

Be a runner

Are you a sporty IMD student, or do you want to be one? Search no more and join our running club! As a runner you can join our trainings and you can find people to run with in our community. You don't have to be an experienced runner to join.

Be a cheerer

Not really a big fan of running? Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can always join our running club as a supporter. As a supporter you can also be a representative of our running club and appreciated member within the IMD- community.